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How do you make decisions?


In her first book, Sorting Your Beans, Life’s Little Lessons, Erin Tobin creatively reveals the bean-sorting process as analogous to making daily life choices and decisions. The correlations are thought-provoking and depicted using inspirational themes, quotes, colorful images and carefully crafted text that challenges readers to not only re-think beans, but to also re-evaluate their own choices and decision-making processes.


With each message/lesson, you are inspired to:

*  Examine your current selection of


*  Embrace each bean/choice
    received as an opportunity to
    break free of habits or patterns
    that have outlived their usefulness;
*  Listen to your “little voice” and
    follow its leading; and
*  Replace any outdated, automatic
    responses, habits or patterns with
    beans/choices that serve and honor
    who you are today.  




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Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4525-2108-4

         E-Book ISBN:     978-1-4525-2109-1        
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