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So ... how are your Beans/Decisions working for you?

Is the end product a tasty pot of chili or compost?

Ready to revisit and tweak your Recipe?

I can help!


My customized, interactive Classes and Workshops – for Adults and Young Adults – provide Tools to help you examine, adjust and reformulate your unique Recipe, enabling you to:

  • Better nourish the person you are today; 

  • Empower your Beans/Decisions with awareness and courage; and,

  • Create the Recipe that will move you forward toward your goals and dreams! 


Event Suggestions / Ideas are WELCOME!

 Click here to send your suggestions  



Event:                              Date/Time:                       Location:  


       Book-Signing                                    7/4/18                                The Coffee Trader

                                                              10:00 am - Noon                          845 East Main St.                                                                                                                Montrose, CO  81401                                                                                       
















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